Cooktops are arguably one of the most proud elements of the kitchen. Vital for cooking and clearly visible, the cooktop must not only compliment the design of the kitchen but it must also best suit your preferences in terms of practicality when cooking. 

Cooktops can vary in size, massively. Some cooktops can be up to 30cm, or up to four times that width at 120cm. 

  • Gas Cooktops may not be the most energy efficient option, however, they are still the most common and economic. Oftentimes they have enamelled finishes, or are made from stainless steel or glass. The Enamelled finishes give you more choice in terms of colour, and glass cooktops are generally easier to clean.

  • Electric Cookertops, generally comprised of coiled metal heating systems or made from a ceramic surface, are economical to run and rarely come with anything else apart from the dials required to adjust the heat plates. One downside of electric cooktops is that the heat isn't immediate and will need a few minutes to heat up. 

  • Induction Cooktops use electricity to generate magnetic fields, creating flows through a coil, heating the cooking zone above. One major advantage of this option is that they cooking zone won't heat up unless there is a saucepan or pot in said zone - this also means that once you remove the pots and pans, the heat stops - making Induction Cookers more energy efficient that most other options. 

  • Domino Systems are the ultimate custom cooktop. Domino systems are a modular system with multiple configuration possibilities. Another advantage to this system is the difference in cooking systems which you are able to collate into one cooktop. It is also a great option for those with limited space as it may save the purchase of multiple appliances, instead, bringing them all into one. Such options can be integrated into a Domino System: gas hob, electric hob, induction cooktop, electric grill, deep fat fryer, etc. 


Top Mount

Cooktop sitting on top of the countertop

Flush Mount

Cooktop sitting flush to the countertop