One inescapable need of any kitchen is an Exhaust Hood. To maintain the life of cabinetry, and to save the kitchen from odours and vapours, exhaust hoods are invaluable. 

Most Exhaust Hoods are made of stainless steel due to when they may come exposed to in time, though other materials are available and most Exhaust Hoods can be finished with other materials which are better suited to the aesthetic design of the space. They are generally at least 50cm above the cooktop

  • Countertop Hoods, otherwise called 'down draft' units, sit beside or behind cooktops. Ideal for spaces where space is lacking, Countertop Hoods can sit more subtly on the countertop. Alternative designs provide hoods which extend out of the surface of the countertop, only becoming visible when needed.

  • Built-In Hoods sit integrated within and behind the cabinetry, making sure that the Exhaust Hood doesn't play a role in the aesthetics of the room. Dimensions of such hoods are generally between 45-120cm.

  • Wall Mounted Hoods show the hood exposed to view, but independently mounted to the wall above a cooktop

  • Ceiling Mounted Hoods are exactly as described, they are individually suspended from the ceiling. These are most commonly arranged for Island Kitchens and Peninsula Kitchens, where cookertops sit away from the walls.