Island Kitchens

The aim is in the name, seperate from the other cabinetry, found at the centre of the room, you'll find an island. Island Kitchens are favoured not only for their aesthetic features, but also due to the increased opportunities for work space and appliances. 

Options Worth Considering

Island kitchens offer functional solutions, creating space to suit your needs.


  • Island Kitchen with Cabinetry and Work Area, giving you space (or additional space) for food preparation and storage, be it with cupboard doors or open cabinetry

  • Island Kitchen with Added Snack Counter, perfect for breakfast or snacking, with the option to be bar or table height

  • Island with Integrated Cookers and Sinks, turning the island into a functional work section

  • Wall-Mounted Island, allowing you to make creative use of the unusual features that your home may have

Floor Plan Examples

A - Tall Cabinets

B - Island with Features

Advantages of Linear Kitchens

There's a reason why island kitchens are popular with those who love to cook, not only is the space aesthetically pleasing, it also facilitates smooth movement around the kitchen whilst offering a range of solutions.

  • This frees up movement for kitchens with a large floor space, giving utility to the centre of the room with real functional purpose

  • Spend time with friends and family. The amount of space and the placement of the furniture leaves enough space for multiple people to be in the room with you. The optional counter also gives space for snacking or breakfast, having the cleaning units all in a close vicinity for when you're in a rush

  • Don't spend your life staring at times, having a centred island work space gives the user the ability to keep conversation with others in the home rather than staring at the wall as would be the case in alternative kitchen types. 

Workflow Dynamics

A - Refrigerator

B - Sink Area

C - Pantry

D - Oven / Cooker

You want your movements to be fluid and unencumbered, precisely what an Island Kitchen can provide. Deep drawers underneath the island worktop can provide you with up to twice as much storage.


Cookers and ovens can be integrated into the system to provide you with an undisturbed flow when looks to pick up food from the refrigerator or pantry, or utensils which will can be kept within an arms reach at all times.