Linear Kitchens are ideal for those who love simple and minimalist design with a modern twist. They can be developed primarily on single wall or two-facing walls, to create a 'galley' style kitchen. The number of walls tends to be the only limitation, and there are design options which offers numerous configurations, allowing you to personalise the space most appropriately for your needs. 

The aim is in the name, seperate from the other cabinetry, found at the centre of the room, you'll find an island. Island Kitchens are favoured not only for their aesthetic features, but also due to the increased opportunities for work space and appliances. 

Peninsula Kitchens provide creative solutions to add extra elements to the kitchen, or to act as room separators in 'open plan' spaces. It is a modular kitchen system which allows for versatile personalisation for both aesthetic or functional use. 

L-Shaped kitchens makes best use of two walls that meet at a corner. It is a good option for large spaces with a comfortable and continuous design. 

Kitchen design based on three adjoining walls with either an empty centralised space or giving room for a dining area. A U-Shaped Kitchen is also known as a 'horseshoe kitchen' or a 'gulf kitchen'. 

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