Artificial lighting gives you the opportunity to bring light to those places that mother nature cannot, as well as giving you an opportunity to show off your creative flare.


There are varieties of lights you can choose from: directional lamps will allow you to point the light in the right way, recessed lighting fixtures  sit within cabinetry or ceilings to make sure the lighting doesn't disturb the continuous flow of any specific design feature, neon lighting to bring subtle hints of light or colour to spaces, or suspended light fixtures which can give the kitchen a unique look and can be especially effective in Island Kitchens and Peninsula Kitchens


Natural Lighting should be the first thing to consider. It's bright, free, has untold health benefits, and can be very useful if properly utilised.


Countertops should be planned to be placed in front of windows to make full use of the light when available. When in the case of Island Kitchens or Peninsula Kitchens, placement should be in the direct path of the natural light. 

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