Linear Kitchens

Linear Kitchens are ideal for those who love simple and minimalist design with a modern twist. They can be developed primarily on single wall or two-facing walls, to create a 'galley' style kitchen. The number of walls tends to be the only limitation, and there are design options which offers numerous configurations, allowing you to personalise the space most appropriately for your needs. 

Options Worth Considering
  • One Wall Kitchens, keeping it nice and simple, works on both long and short walls

  • Two Opposing Walls, for kitchens with only two available walls, allowing you to make full use of a central footway

  • Linear Kitchens with a Snack Counter, introducing the option to add an additional practical element to the kitchen which is separate from the planned cabinetry

  • Linear Kitchens with a Table, introducing the option to add an additional practical element to the kitchen with a compact style, completed with a dining area

  • Galley Kitchen with Incorporated Work Tops, Sinks & Cooktop located along one wall, with the option of opposing walls hosting large appliances (cooker, refigerator, etc) and cabinets

  • Galley Kitchens with Tall Cabinets which are seperate from the general cabinetry

Floor Plan Examples

A - Work Area

B - Tall Cabinets

Advantages of Linear Kitchens

Linear Kitchens work well based on simple, minimalistic and essential design. This type of prides itself on enhanced functionality and efficient use of space.

  • Even when only one wall is available, linear kitchens can optimise the space without sacrifice the everyday needs of a practical kitchen

  • Make use of narrow or long spaces, linear kitchens make it so you don't need to sacrifice comfort to by keeping all storage and utilities close to work spaces

  • Efficiently fit all of the utilities you require all close together or in concealed cabinetery, such double sinks, dishwashers, cooktops, ovens and refrigerators. Pull-out counters which are also features which can be implemented

Workflow Dynamics

A - Sink Area

B - Refrigerator

C - Oven / Cooker

D - Pantry

Generally, One-Wall Kitchens are designed to be used by just one person at any given time because this allows for a fluid workflow around the place.


Considering the tasks which are carried out, a kitchen must be designed accordingly to allow swift movement between the kitchens different sections. Efficient movability will reduce stress when carrying out tasks such as preparing food and cleaning up. Galley Kitchens work in a similar way due to the exploitation of a smaller space if the cabinet arrangement is properly planned out.