Lower cabinets, or 'base cabinets, form the template of your kitchen. It support the countertops and hosts numerous appliances and storage options.

Generally made with cabinet framing, set on legs, with an optional skirting or suspended against the wall. It hosts fundamental kitchen features, such as cabinets, shelves, drawers, the countertop, and appliances.

Floor-Mounted Bases are generally a built frame on legs or with (an optional) baseboard which is stood on the floor. Base cabinets are usually 89-91.5cm tall (including the countertop) and at 60cm from the wall. These dimensions will accommodate most kitchen appliances, such as small refrigerators, ovens, etc. These heights can be adjusted according to your personal needs. 

Suspended Bases stand free from the floor, solely relying on structural support from the wall. The height of these are usually 89-91.5cm. Regarding the empty space between the base of the cabinets and the floor can be any desired distance, though we would recommend considering how tall you'd like any drawers or shelves to be. 

Lower Cabinets do have their aesthetic uses, take a look at our Basic Materials Guide for Cabinets to see options worth considering. You can have smart storage options, integrated lighting, and special configurations can be arranged. 

  • Corner Base Cabinets are applicable for Island Kitchens, Peninsula Kitchens, L-Shaped Kitchens and U-Shaped Kitchens. You can have one or two fronts, depending on your needs. They can be fitted with special accessories or appliances accordingly. 

  • Shallow Base Cabinets, which are generally around 35cm in height, can be both practical and an aesthetic feature. More common in Island Kitchens or Peninsula Kitchens, they can open up space in an otherwise busy room. 

  • Cabinets Built for Appliances are designed to conceal otherwise exposed appliances. Refrigerators can be hidden into the cabinetry, as well as ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, and any other small under-the-counter appliances. 

  • Lower Cabinets for Cooktops are designed to have an integrated cooktops, hobs or stoves. The lower base cabinet is specially designed to safely ensure any gas or electrical connections which will be required to the cooktop. 

  • Lower Cabinets for Ovens can provide a truly integrated effect. Again, this cabinetry safely ensures any gas or electrical connections which will be required to the oven. Cabinet fronts can be designed to match the rest of the kitchens cabinetry.