Peninsula Kitchens provide creative solutions to add extra elements to the kitchen, or to act as room separators in 'open plan' spaces. It is a modular kitchen system which allows for versatile personalisation for both aesthetic or functional use. 

Options Worth Considering
  • Peninsula as Table which is part of the whole design of the kitchen. It can be connected to the cabinetry as a compact solution for a dining area

  • Peninsula which Hosts Cookers and Sinks, leaving the rest of the kitchen to be consumed by other appliances or as extra storage or work space

  • Peninsula as Work Top and Storage which sits on top of cabinets which can come complete with regular drawers and doors, or open shelving. This option will provide you with additional storage as well as extra space to prepare meals

  • Peninsula as Eating Area, as an extra element to the kitchen which still allows the food to be managed within one area. Options include a surface which can be designed to be bar height with stools, or as an additional table.

Floor Plan Examples

A - Work Area

B - Tall Cabinets

Advantages of Peninsula Kitchens

Peninsula Kitchens make use of large open spaces which may otherwise be thought of wasted or unsightly. 

  • All the advantages of an island without taking up as much space (Click Here to see the Advantages of an Island Kitchen)

  • Make your renovation simpler. Due to the peninsula being attached to a wall it is more than likely to coincide with existing plumbing and electronics, which will save what would otherwise me a major consideration on such a project

  • Your ability to socialise won't be hindered as family and guests will be able to be with you whilst you're active in the kitchen, sitting or standing close to you whilst you have the ability to no longer stare into your cabinets whilst you're at work

  • Dining space is sometimes hard to find in smaller spaces and a peninsula in the kitchen resolves that issue.

  • Peninsula as room divider. Open plan spaces can become quite frustrating as no one area seems to have a designated space - a peninsula can act as a room divider without having to put up any walls

Workflow Dynamics

A - Work Area

B - Refrigerator

C - Oven / Cooker

D - Pantry

E - Counter

A Peninsula Kitchen gives you the ability to pick and choose precisely where everything in your kitchen goes to best suit your personal work flow.