Snack Counters are an efficient and effective way to bring an extra element to your entire home, not just the kitchen. 

Snack Counters can bring obvious function and aesthetic elements to a kitchen.


In terms of function, think of it as the perfect spot for breakfast, where food, consumption, and clear up and all happen seamlessly in one space. Get togethers with friends can keep the mess confined to one space, where all the used wine glasses can reside after a busy evening. They also work well as an extra desk which is out of the office. 


Functional aesthetic uses are also possible - Snack Counters can act as a room divider in open plan spaces, separating otherwise (for example) living rooms from kitchens. Snack Counters can also be used to direct foot traffic.

Snack Counters usually are made from the same materials as the Countertops. Take a look at our Basic Materials Guide for Countertops to see materials which are worth considering if a Snack Counter is for you.

Snack Counters are generally custom-made, meaning that there are few rules about them. They can sit upon existing cabinetry, be an extension off of the existing cabinetry, be free standing with legs, suspended from the wall, or pull-out for special cases. Stools can also be made to fit the design of the space. Typical height of a Snack Counter is 90cm.