Tall Cabinets provide you with larger storage facilities, can host large appliances, and storage for larger utensils whilst in-keeping with the aesthetic of the kitchen.

Tall cabinets can act as the main pantry, and can host shelving, drawers, pull-out surfaces, and can store items such as large posts, large appliances which you only use occasionally, or maintenance tools (such as mops, vacuum cleaners, etc).


The height of Tall Cabinets generally meet the same height as the Upper Cabinets or reach the ceiling. The width of tall cabinets can be made to fit any required space, or can match the width of the other cabinetry. The recommended distance between Tall Cabinets and other work stations (countertop work zones, sinks, cooktops) is 30cm. This provides you with enough space to clean and maintain the area efficiently. It also keeps heat and water, generated by cooking and cleaning, from damaging the surrounding cabinetry.  

​Tall Cabinets do have their aesthetic uses, take a look at our Basic Materials Guide for Cabinets to see options worth considering.

  • Tall Cabinets as Divider, generally used as room dividers in open plan spaces.

  • Tall Corner Cabinets offer a vast range of solutions to exploit the corner space which many kitchens often underutilise. Full Extension rack systems can be integrated into tall corner cabinets to make accessible items which you may otherwise be unable to get a hold of. 

  • Tall End Cabinets is the tall cabinetry that you'll find at the end of the kitchen configuration. Having tall cabinets not only provides you with the maximal storage at each end of the work space, it also provides you with a continuous workspace which isn't impeded by the Tall Cabinets.

  • Full Height Cabinets go from floor to ceiling, making full use of the space.

  • Pantry Cabinets are accessorised to store food in a more practical and segregated way. They can also be designed to encase ovens.

  • Refrigerator Cabinets are a practical solution to keeping the design of the kitchen in tune, whilst hiding the large refrigerator.