Upper cabinets make full use of your walls. Generally used for storing ceramics, glassware, food, or as an additional pantry.

Cabinet Fronts can be consistent throughout the room to fit the interior design. There are such things as open or closed cabinetry to help open the spaces in whatever way you may please. They are generally at a depth of 33cm, sitting from 55-65cm above the countertop.

Upper ​Cabinets do have their aesthetic uses, take a look at our Basic Materials Guide for Cabinets to see options worth considering.

  • Lighting is a feature than you will consider for your kitchen. Under-cabinet counter lighting will light the countertop from the bottom of the upper cabinetry, lighting efficiently your work space. Internal lighting integrates lighting into the frame of the cabinetry, ideal for cabinets which don't open themselves up to the natural or existing lighting in the room. 

  • Special Cabinets can bring more efficiency to your workflow or create a truly consistent aesthetic. Cabinets can be designed to hold microwaves, conceal boilers, integrate exhaust hoods, or be made to host accessories such as drying racks, pull-out stacked shelving, or open ceramic slots.