U-Shaped Kitchens

Kitchen design based on three adjoining walls with either an empty centralised space or giving room for a dining area. A U-Shaped Kitchen is also known as a 'horseshoe kitchen' or a 'gulf kitchen'. 

Options Worth Considering

​The ability to utilise three adjoining walls, U-Shaped Kitchens give you a vast number of options. 

  • Segregated sections can be created due to the ability to work with three walls. This means that one side can be dominated by cabinetry, giving you two seperate areas which can host your work sreas and appliances

  • You can add a dining area or snack bar. This can either act as a secondary dining area or, if the space is large enough, your primary dining area

  • An Island Kitchen can be created from the space, or the space can be reserved for an Island to be added at a later date

  • A truly symmetrical kitchen can be created for optimised aesthetic satisfaction. If the entry to the room is centralised, an arrangement can be designed to have tall cabinetry to sit equally on either side with a work area being fairly placed to stretch across the three possible counter tops

  • Dynamic design is made possible for even larger rooms. The base of the kitchen design can reside in a U-Shaped design whilst opening the remainder of the space for a separate dining area

  • The use of a Peninsula element can be made to either create a U-Shaped Kitchen or as somewhere to host additional work areas or a snack bar. 

Floor Plan Examples

A - Work Area

B - Tall Cabinets

Advantages of Linear Kitchens

U-Shaped Kitchens make use of the whole available space, which is why they work best in larger areas. There are a range of different choices. 

  • Make use of multiple surfaces. U-Shaped Kitchens give you many options in terms of where you may prefer to have storage, cabinetry, appliances, and work areas

  • Much like L-Shaped Kitchens, it is likely that the existing walls will already have electrical and plumbing foundations which this format can make full use of. Instead of needing to arrange new works, this option can save you money by relieving the need for additional works

  • Large spaces can be fully utilised with this design as it makes use of three adjoining walls, giving you the ability to move more fluidly between different sections

  • A U-Shaped Kitchen is ideal for a busy kitchen. This design allows for heavy foot traffic by numerous people at any given time. Due to the dispersal of separate appliances and storage, even a busy area can become less stressful

Workflow Dynamics

A - Sink Area

B - Oven / Cooker

C - Work Area

D - Refrigerator

E - Pantry

U-Shaped Kitchens allow for ultimate personalised placement as you have two corners and three walls to play with. 


 A truly functional layout can be arranged, placing all appliances, work areas and cabinetry in positions which best suit your personal workflow. Depending on if or where you'd like the optional snack bars or dining tables, things to consider can be the order in which you travel from the refrigerator to prepare food, to cooking, serving, and collecting paraphernalia for cleaning.